Gamo P23 air pistol and combo laser

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12 shots in 2.4 seconds. 

For people that love to shoot, Gamo has made the hottest new semiautomatic C02 pistol in the world. It's called the P-23 and it looks and feels like a standard high powered pistol. With steel and lead BB's it's a 12 shot semiautomatic and if you are really fast, you can get off 12 shots in 2.4 seconds. 
For extreme accuracy it shoots single shot 4,5 mm. pellets. The P-23 weighs 0,45 Kg is 19 cm long and sports a 108 mm. rifled steel barrel. It has a muzzle velocity of 125 m/s. which means that you can  shoot at a target trap indoors, or go outside for a different style of shooting.

atarg.JPG (21110 bytes)atarga.jpg (41327 bytes)Knock down the four animal figures and then hit the centre disc to stand them back up. Catches pellets and avoids ricochets. Large well made metal unit with ceiling and wall fixings. Measures 20" wide, targets are held down by a magnet system.