Gamo auto 45 air pistol

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12 shots in 2.4 seconds

Gamo's new Auto 45 is another semiautomatic air handgun that will catch the eye of gun lovers and collectors everywhere. It has the powerful 93squared-up94 design that is so popular today all over the 
world. But it not only looks good, it shoots just as well. If you are quick enough, you can fire 12 BB 's in 2.4 seconds. And it has a list of features that would make any handgun proud. A muzzle velocity of 125 m/s; a 19 cm rifled steel barrel; shoots automatic with 12 steel and lead BB's in the magazine; single shot with pellets; can shoot a 5 shot 
grouping within 21 mm at 10 m; C02 capacity up to 80 shots; rear sight adjusts for windage; weighs  0,5 Kg; 19cm long; 4,5 mm.caliber; double action; and manual safety catch. Loads easily with a single shot pellet or with BR's tor semiautomatic shooting.

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